Confused about booking the hotels when you visit a new city?

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An economic establishment that provides lodging, meals and other guest services are called as a hotel. Generally, a good hotel must have at least 6 letting bedrooms, some of which must have attached bathrooms to it.

Classification of hotels

There a wide range of hotels starting from 1 star to 7 stars in each and every city with different amenities. I think the guide below helps you find a better place for your stay.

1. 1-star: You can expect some definite amount of facilities and services in these types of hotels with guaranteed cleanliness.

2. 2-star: Here you will get good accommodation with better-equipped bedrooms and bathrooms attached to it. You will also have telephones in the room.

3. 3-star: Usually in these types of hotels you will get the neatly furnished and decorated rooms with color TV. These also provide one or two bars or lounges.

4. 4-star: These hotels presents its customers with much larger and cozy rooms and also provides excellent cuisine, room services, and other facilities.

5. 5-star: These types of hotels offer the affluent establishments, widest range of guest services with swimming pools and sports facilities.

Types of rooms

Rooms usually fall under different categories depending upon the range of hotels, type of decor, pool-side or ocean-side rooms, amenities etc. But the room type definitions listed below are common for all types of categories.

1.Single: This is a room for single person accommodation which provides a single bed.

2.Double: Two members can stay in this kind of rooms which offers one or more beds.

3.Triple: A room assigned to three members and may have three or more beds.

4.Quad: Four members can be accommodated in this room which will have two or more beds.

5.Queen: This room will have a queen sized bed which can be occupied by one or more people.

6.King: This room will have the king sized bed which can be occupied by one or more people.

7.Twin: A room that contains two beds and can be occupied by two or more people.

8.Double-Double: A room with two double or queen-sized beds and can be accommodated with two or more people.

9.Studio: This room contains a couch which can be converted into a bed and also contains an additional bed.

Some other types of rooms include connecting rooms which have a connecting door between two individual rooms and the adjoining rooms with a common wall.

Types of suites

1.Master suite: This is kind of a parlor or living room connected to one or more bedrooms.

2.Mini-suite: Single room with a bed and sitting area.